Saturday, December 8, 2007

New Baby Arrives!

This week we had a new addition to our family. On Tuesday, December 4th, at 6:51 pm Zackary Alan Lewis arrived. The little fella weighed in at 6 lbs 2 oz, and measured 18 inches.

Although his mom was very happy that he came 3 weeks early he did catch us off guard. Emily was on her way to return some things to Walmart when she noticed that she was having regular contractions about 4 minutes apart. She figured that was enough time to make her return before the next contraction!

On her way to the hospital she called me and I met her there. She was able to get an epidural soon after arriving.

Zack did not come easily. He was coming out face first, in a "brow presentation", and he didn't come quickly or easily. Em had 2 obstetricians working with her for over an hour to help get him out.

Throughout the process they mentioned several times that we were going to have to go for a C-section. Of course once Em heard "C-section" she pushed twice as hard.

On Wednesday we had to hang out at the hospital while Zack got examined, circumcised, and vaccinated. It killed us both to have to be confined to a hospital room, but at least we had Zack with us some of the time to keep us company.

Both Zack and Emily survived and have done well since. The pediatrician let Zack go home a little early too so he and Emily both came home late Wednesday night.


Kristen Lewis Jorgensen said...

I need to hear the story! I'm so glad he got here okay!! He is so darling-can't wait to see you in two weeks!

AmyQueen said...

Glad everyone in the family is doing fine (especially Emily & Zackary)! It goes without saying how adorable he is...but I'll say it anyway. Congrats on a beautiful miracle.

Brian said...

Better late than never: congratulations! I'm guessing you've been super busy, considering the number of posts since then...

As my wife keeps pointing out: Lewises make beautiful babies.