Sunday, December 9, 2007

Baby Zack Comes Home

Zack had older siblings at home anxiously awaiting his arrival. They woke up Thursday morning to find a new baby brother at home.

Zack received plenty of attention from both Ashley and Nathan, who occassionally fight over who's turn it is to hold "baby Zack".

So Daddy and Mimi & Pop Pop had to find ways to occupy them. We took the kids bowling, which they loved.

Good thing they had a ramp and bumpers.

Ashley actually got a few spares!

They enjoyed watching the bowling balls come back as much as rolling them down the alley.

At home they stayed entertained thanks to

...which allowed little Zack to get some much needed rest.

We are very happy about the new addition to our family (thanks Mom for taking this last picture).


Katie said...

LOVE the last picture. Way to go Emily!!! The kids are all adorable as usual, and we're SO excited to get to come see you. Now Nathan and Ashley will have more competition for whose turn it is to hold baby Zack. :O)

andrea said...

What a beautiful family!!! Baby Zack is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen! Jeff and Em, you make some pretty cute kids. We are so glad mom and baby are home and doing well.
By the way, Emily you were a champ for attending the Anesthesia Christmas party just 4 days post delivery. You looked great and it was so good to see you and Jeff.

Kristen Lewis Jorgensen said...

Okay...more pictures please. Post the dimples!

mindyk said...

I can't believe I actually found you on Blogger. This is Mindy--Emily's old college roomie at the Y. HI, Em!!!! Your new babe is bautiful--as are you--not at all shocking. So fun to see your hubby and sweet kids on your blog (Jeff's blog--thanks for starting the blog, Jeff). I really hope all is well. I'd love to catch up. You'll be able to link to my blog when you get this. You can also find Liza's blog under "Eliza" on my links. email me

Lots and lots of love, Mindy

Eliza said...

Yay! Thanks Mindy! Emily, it has been way too long. Three beautiful kids! You look amazing as always. We need to someday have get together with everyone. I hope soon. I'll check in a lot...I'm a little addicted to blogging ;)

love ya!

Greenes said...

Emily and/or jeff....get blogging!!! (with all you spare time, i know!)